Worst Overall Channel / Network For Comedy

BERT: In the disused parking complex that is the Australian media's commitment to comedy, it's kind of hard to single out which is the worst parking spot. Not that a category based entirely on randomly spewing bile has ever stopped us before...

Nine Network - 44.62%
"Nine had one comedy that I can recall for the year, and assuming a gang-banging ex-footballer putting on a Don Burke sketch would be funny takes the cake for me."
- EvilCommieDictator
"'How 'bout this? How 'bout like a show right, and I don't know what would be on it, but it would be hosted by Shane Warne?' NEW Network Brainstorm!!!"
- The Noble Bhard
"The demise of Cops LAC made me laugh."
- Mark
Triple M - 38.46%
Seven Network - 16.92%

Last year's winner:
Triple M

Unlike just about every other station or network in Australia, Nine - or as they're currently promoting themselves, "The Home of Laughs" - actually has a distinct comedy culture. Unfortunately for comedy, its culture is one of thinly veiled hostility and making fun of the slow kids. It's difficult to think of another network that would let a show put a blackface act to air: it's impossible to think of one that would then re-commission that show for a full 20 episodes. Add in the various Footy Shows and Nine's firm commitment to insult comedy and aggressive swipes at anyone who suggests...well, pretty much anything they don't like, and you have a network roughly as funny as a big guy repeatedly poking you in the chest while saying "You got a problem, mate?"

Triple M is like the boofhead sports jock who swaggers around the party telling shit jokes no-one laughs at. He thinks he's hilarious and the life of the party: much everyone else only keeps him around because he knows the footy scores.

Clearly the only reason Seven didn't win this one despite duds like The White Room and The Bounce is that at least they were trying. Not very hard or very well of course, but "A for effort" nonetheless. Wait, shouldn't that be "E for effort"? Wow, they can't even win a worst comedy network competition...

EDDIE: I think you were being very unfair about our employer, Bert. Channel 9 has a rich and wonderful history.

BERT: Is this an excuse to cut to some more shithouse clips from the archives?

EDDIE: Don't be ridiculous, I've seen how this show works, everyone's a loser here, especially Channel 9. Its shameful bullying and I won't have a part of it - despite what my on and off-air performance until now would have you believe.


BERT: Well how about we take a look at radio, Ed, it's dear to your heart. And your wallet, presumably...

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