Worst Newcomer

BERT: We're a great supporter of new talent here at GTV-9 - Ben Elton, Tony Martin, John Clarke - they truly are Australia's rising new comedy stars. Unlike the nominees in this category, who we won't even consider for a background role on 20 to 1. At least for the next 15 years...

Josh Mapleston - 39.39%
"I have to admit I only saw one episode of I Rock, marginally worse than the rest."
- ontos
"Tom's not really new...and I haven't heard of the other two, so I just guessed."
- onerightupthebracket
"More pretentious than funny."
- Daniel G
Tom Ballard - 34.85%
Nich Richardson - 25.76%

Last year's winner:
The Handsomity Institute

For those of you who aren't familiar with the work of this category's winner - and there's no reason why you should be - Josh Mapleston was the star and writer of I Rock, a dramedy about an up-and-coming Sydney band. As lead singer Nash Taylor, Mapleston gave a decent-ish performance, but the real problem was his work as the show's writer. In I Rock all the worst excesses of dramedies were present and correct: annoying characters, tedious plots, a serious lack of gags. If you made it through to episode 8 you deserve an award. As you never got one, we invite Josh Mapleston up on stage to receive this award instead.

Triple J breakfast show co-host Tom Ballard came a close second in this category, which we're kinda glad about because he's so forgettable that if he'd won we'd be struggling to think of something to say about him. Tune in to his breakfast show and it's almost impossible to tell him and his co-host Alex Dyson apart. Or remember what they just talked about. His ability to fade into the background will no doubt serve him well...when it's his time to fade into the background.

Nich Richardson of GO!'s short-lived, short episode sketch show WTF! would be equally forgettable if he hadn't been uncovered in one of the biggest comedy turd piles of the year. Amongst the programme's many problems was that it was even more cheap and banal than the entertainment reports it was meant to be parodying. And while cheap, banal comedy is easy to come up with - we know that only too well here at the Tumblies - it's not necessarily that much of a cack.

And speaking of cheap and banal, to take us to the next category here's a classic comedy clip from the GTV-9 archives. We here at GTV-9 have proved to be the masters of Australian comedy, and in keeping with our Newcomers theme, here's that hilarious footage of my first appearance on television, hosting a long-forgotten pop music programme called The Hi-Fi Club.


Oh dear...how camp are my voice and mannerisms? How embarrassing! What's that? I get royalties every time you show this? How much more of my old work have you got out the back? Patti and I could really do with a holiday in Barbados...

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