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EDDIE: What is life without hope? Hope is what gets us up in the mornings, hope is what powers us through day after day of deadening drudgery, and hope is what has us tuning in to each and every new Australian comedy as it turns up. Oh wait, did I say "hope"? I meant to say "stupidity". Who wrote this stuff?

Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos - 44.29%
"Who does Nick Giannopoulous have compromising pictures of?"
- melbelle
"Does a sequel which repeats the jokes of its 10 year old predecessor still qualify as 'new comedy'?"
- Mark
"Wog Boy 2 was the sequel made for a request the audience didn't make."
- Daniel G
I Rock - 30.00%
The White Room - 25.71%

Last year's winner:
Beached Az

Wog Boy 2 is a romantic comedy with Nick Giannopoulous as its star. Just let that sink in for a moment: this is a film where the audience is expected to care about the romantic fate of a character played by one N. Giannopoulous. This is roughly on par with a boxing film where the heavyweight champion has to face off against a feisty up-and-comer played by an overstuffed loungechair. It's perfectly possible that the loungechair might win; it's just not a fight many people want to see.

Fifteen years ago I Rock would have been one of the ABC's no-profile afternoon soaps for teens. Fifteen years from now, it'll probably be hailed as a cult classic - if civilisation collapses and everyone's cult is worshipping a Supre shopping bag stuck in a tree.

The White Room was a format that had been kicking around the corridors at Seven for a number of years before it finally made it to air. What can we say? Obviously it hadn't been kicked hard enough.

You know, Eddie, it's innovation like that from new comedians that drives this industry...

EDDIE: Yeah, over a cliff...

BERT: And here in the GTV-9 archives we've got a marvellous piece of footage of a young Daryl Somers appearing on Graham Kennedy's show in the early '70s. Watch carefully and you'll hear Graham say that if he ever retires he'd love Daryl to take over from him.

EDDIE: More like "bend over for him!". Hey? Hey? Because Gra-Gra was gay! Ahh, you wouldn't know good comedy if it put on a dress in front of you. And was a man.

BERT: And on that classy note, let's move on.

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