Worst Game Or Panel Show

EDDIE: We're getting a lot of panel and game shows these days. Budgets are tight, and we in television have lots of brand new digital channels to fill. What the cynics who run these awards forget is that some panel shows are really popular...

BERT: Some are even watchable. I have no idea which ones they are, though, I'm too busy being horrified by these ones...

The 7PM Project - 39.39%
"It's the news, but we make it funny! No it isn't: it's people awkwardly trying to make jokes at the scene of a multi-car pile-up. With ad breaks."
"This show just doesn't know what it wants to be. One second it's a current affairs news show, then it's a shit comedy show, then it's a blatant cross promotional tool, then it's platform for idiots like Steve Price and Andrew Bolt."
- ontos
"Take the worst of Current Affair/Today Tonight, then up the smug factor and you get The 7PM Project."
- Mark
Good News Week - 31.82%
Sleuth 101 - 28.79%

Last year's winner:
The 7PM Project

EDDIE: The continuous metamorphosis of The 7PM Project from light-hearted news/panel show to sub-tabloid current affairs show to, well, they'd probably have given sitcom a go if Channel 10 hadn't come up with that scheme to fill their early evening schedule with news and current affairs... Anyway, it hasn't exactly worked out for The 7PM Project so far, even if their ratings have been creeping up. The problem is the show's as shonky as hell - it's not entertainment, it's not comedy, it doesn't provide information, and a lot of the time it feels like it's only there to play host to people with things to plug.

Good News Week is another light-hearted panel show that's long out-stayed its welcome. No one needs 90 minutes of this smug pseudo-satire every week, and with the show being recorded days, sometimes more than a week, before broadcast you can't even dismiss the show's many, many flaws by saying "well, at least it's topical".

As for Sleuth 101, it's a surprise it didn't do better here. After a seemingly strong start, each subsequent murder mystery seemed to be exactly the same as the last one. And despite the best efforts of a who's who of Australian character acting in the supporting roles, that repetition got kinda boring.

Speaking of repetition, shall we go to the break with that footage of a Bert's Family Feud contestant saying "vibrator"?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: No, we've seen it a million times!


EDDIE: Spoilsports!

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