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It's an annoying fact of life that television needs a lot more bland, inoffensive hosts than it does actual funny people. Sometimes, funny people can use a hosting job to make audiences laugh - see Shaun Micallef's work on Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation. And other times, people who were never that funny in the first place seem so amazingly happy to scoop up a hosting gig you have to wonder if they were ever interested in comedy as anything more than a way to get their heads on television.

Daryl Somers (Hey Hey it's Saturday - The Reunion) - 42.86%
"Choosing to put Daryl Somers on air after having banished him is like choosing to abolish public healthcare after having attained it. Regression like this should be the result of natural disasters, not wilful human actions."
- samadriel
"I seriously thought he was dead, but in the 10th year he rose again."
- Ontos
"Is there really any point in voting? Surely the nominees for this one should have read: Daryl Somers, Daryl Somers, Daryl Somers."
- Marcelle
Wil Anderson (The Gruen Transfer) - 28.57%
Dave Hughes (The 7PM Project) - 28.57%

Last year's winner:
Wil Anderson

Obviously as both host and winner of this category, it would be wrong of me to talk about the kind of man I am and how richly I deserve this award. Instead, here's footage of a typical Tumblies voter watching the first few minutes of me on Hey Hey it's Saturday - The Reunion:


Oh dear God no, make it stop! For the love of God, I beg of you, this isn't happening, this isn't happening... Make it go away! I'll do anything, anything, I swear. Please, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. IT BURNS MY EYES! THEY'RE BURNING! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

I think we got the wrong tape, there. Can we correct that in post? Oh... Right... No, no, I'm a professional, I'll carry on...

Wil Anderson should probably watch his back, because The Gruen Transfer is one runaway success that clearly doesn't need him robotically reading off an autocue anymore. From the beginning he brought almost nothing to the show, but these days the panel of advertising hucksters and shameless self-promoters have fully gotten a handle on the television gig and can prattle away without needing Anderson to sum things up with a pre-scripted gag. They're getting laughs, they're making points, they're being charming: putting Anderson in front of them is like getting a sock puppet to host a ballroom dancing competition.

There is no reason for Dave Hughes to be on The 7PM Project. Well, there's no reason for him to be on any show really, but what exactly did anyone expect him to contribute to a panel show that's meant to wrap up the issues of the day in an intelligent and funny manner? It's not like "intelligent" and "funny" are the two words anyone thinks of when they think of Dave Hughes' act. Maybe if the show had a decent straight man to set up Hughes' wacky observations about life he might have worked: instead we got Charlie Pickering, who hosts the show like he's wondering why everyone else keeps getting in his shot.

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