Worst Actress

This category celebrates the achievements of the forgotten people of comedy: women. I often forget women when I'm putting together a show, unless I want some e-mails read out, something pulled from a barrel, or someone to be the butt of a few jokes. None of the nominees in this category were funny, but even if they weren't, they'd fit right in to my new series.

Veronica Milsom (Hungry Beast) - 44.44%
"Victoria Dynamite just didn't fit the format of the show. And the format of the show just didn't fit with actually watching it."
- Shannon
"Who are these people?! I choose Veronica Milsom, because although I don't know exactly which one she is, the entire cast of this show shits me so it doesn't really matter in the end does it?"
- elvislemonade
"To sum up the world's news in half an hour is a massive task - why make it harder by giving air time to a performer too broad for The Comedy Company?"
- 13 schoolyards
Caroline Reid (Pam Ann Show) - 33.33%
Emily Rose Brennan (:30 Seconds) - 22.22%

Last year's winner:
Rebel Wilson (Bogan Pride)

Veronica Milsom distinguished herself from Hungry Beast's interchangeable cast of fashionable 20-something media graduates by creating a comedy character: hard-nosed reporter Veronica Dynamite. Parodies of tabloid current affairs shows beating-up non-stories aren't exactly new however, so someone down at Hungry Beast had the idea to do something a bit different: go all surreal at the end. As a method of doing anything other than annoy the shit out of anyone watching, it was an utter stinking failure. Needless to say her nomination here is not so much a reflection of her acting (which was adequate), more the fact that Dynamite appeared almost every God-damned week doing exactly the same God-damned thing. And will do even more of it this year.

For more than 10 years, Melbourne's own Caroline Reid has been playing bitchy air-hostess Pam Ann. Appearing at a mix of comedy clubs, festivals and gay venues all over the world, Reid has steadily built-up a devoted following, and been compared to Barry Humphries many times. Sounds like someone who really deserves her own Foxtel series, right? Er, no. Reid's is basically a semi-amusing cabaret act brought to the small screen, complete with loads of "me no rikey" racist gags and sub-sub-sub-Dame Edna snark. If you were nostalgic for the work of Bob Downe you probably loved her; everyone else, including a third of the voters for these awards (and even we don't quite believe that many people watched her show), thought she was awful.

As for Emily Rose Brennan, she played vacuous blonde Barbara in vacuous take on the advertising industry :30 Seconds. At least you can say her portrayal of that well-worn sitcom cliché, the dumb busty blonde, suited the mood of the show.

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