Worst Actor

No one ever said comedy was easy - I certainly make it look hard! And when it comes to comedy acting, many distinguished actors confess that they struggle to do comedy. So, the winner of this category is in very good company.

Sam Simmons (Urban Monkey) - 42.11%
"I'd like to see him just once act like a funny person."
- TheUglyBaby
"Until I heard/saw Sam Simmons I though the worst thing to grace Australian TV/radio was Dools. After being forced to listen to Sam Simmons at work for an entire show recently, I am horrified that Dools has gone on while Simmons has stayed. At least Dools managed puerile humour occasionally."
- Marcelle
"His name is an anagram of 'Mommas sin', you know."
- mixmasterflibble
Dan Ilic (Hungry Beast) - 36.84%
Paul Hogan (Charlie & Boots) - 21.05%

Last year's winner:
Shane Jacobson (Kenny's World)

Stand-up comedian and practitioner of fashionable LOLZ RANDOMS humour Sam Simmons made it to TV this year, writing and performing in the mirthless Man and Man sketches on Triple J TV and writing and playing the title role in The Urban Monkey with Murray Foote. As Foote, Simmons at least displayed more acting talent than the cast of soon-to-return shitcom Swift and Shift Couriers, but that's hardly difficult or unique amongst a lot of comedian-turned-actors. We suspect his win here is more for the fact that he's annoying and largely unfunny, than a particularly poor actor.

Dan Ilic has three acting credits on IMDB: The Ronnie Johns Half Hour, Hungry Beast and something called Atomic Spitballs. So for him to be nominated for Worst Actor is also perhaps a little unfair. Like Sam Simmons he's not really an actor but a writer/performer and, IMDB informs us, a director, responsible for those sketches which appeared in The Mansion - so now you know who to blame. Anyway, Ilic's contributions to Hungry Beast were generally seen at the top and tail of each episode, or placed as a comedic palette cleanser between different parts of the show. He and cast members like Marc Fennell or Veronica Milsom were there to provide the satirical insights and the left-field takes, the mood setters and the grand comic finales. Unfortunately his work generally contained the sort of observations which seem lame when posted on Twitter...so turning them into fully-blown sketches was obviously a brilliant idea.

Another slightly odd nomination here is Paul Hogan - did that many people really go to see Charlie & Boots? Maybe it's the alleged tax dodging, the sagging plastic surgery or Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles that people really object to here. Or that Charlie & Boots wasn't as funny as those clips of Arthur Dunger seen in that special Channel 9 showed in November.

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