Radio is a fleeting medium. That's how they can get away with saying things you could never print: once they're out there they're not coming back. Unless they've been podcast, which takes away a lot of the fun. And there wasn't a lot of fun to be found with this year's nominees...

   Worst Podcast or CD
Wil & Lehmo - 63.16%

The Comedy Hour - 21.05%
Pete & Myf - 15.79%

Last Year's Winner
Matt Tilley Cereal Pest: Gotcha Calls - Three's a Crowd

Voter comments

As much as I found The Comedy Hour cringingly bad, I simply can't diss it due to the happy brilliance of The Big Screen Test. And occasional appearences from Alan Brough and Andrea Powell were okay. So my vote goes to this awful waste of space.
- menagers

The bad editing wasn't enough to distract from Lehmo trying to be funny.
- mixmaster flibble

Would have been Pete & Myf but those podcasts sometimes have bits of MARSLAND, which makes them infinitely better than anything else commercial radio has to offer.
- Tim Lambert

The problem with podcasting Wil & Lehmo is not - as you might think - that the end result will contain traces of Wil & Lehmo. It's that it's almost impossible to figure out what bits to keep and what to throw away. The show, as a whole, hit and sustained the one drawn-out note of bad for so long across it's run that the idea of creating a highlights package seemed more laughable than anything the highlights package could possibly contain.

The Comedy Hour was a great idea. It did everything right: get a mix of new, emerging and established talent in, let them do what they like, have a sketch show in the first half hour so gag writers and sketch performers can do their thing, then fill the second half hour with pilot sitcoms and panel shows and the like. So why was the show, despite the previously mentioned glimpses of quality, little more than a teeth-grindingly painful exercise in cack-handed blundering?

Blame needs to be lain at the feet of the organisers: if they'd hired some competent comedy types to act as show-runners to keep things on track, the result could have been something special. Instead, the whole thing felt thrown together, a bit of a giggle made by people not all that interested in making a show people would want to hear, and as a result giggles were very thin on the ground.

When it comes to on-air chemistry, Pete & Myf are manufactured meat. Pete is a proven radio failure lured back on-air by bags of cash after the television success of his entirely visual character Strauchanie. Myf is a competent Triple J-style radio host lured to Triple M by bags of cash after her success on the - again, all visual - Spicks & Specks. Perhaps Triple M really do think television is just radio with pictures. Or perhaps they no longer have any idea what the hell it is they're doing.

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