This is always a tricky category to nail down. If a network shows no comedy, are they the worst network for comedy? Or do they have to actively encourage bad comedy to win that title? Thankfully, this year's winner managed both.

   Worst Overall Channel
Nine - 44%

Foxtel - 28%
Seven - 28%

Last Year's Winner

Voter comments

Foxtel has the Comedy Channel, Seven shows Boston Legal and Scrubs episodes, Channel 9 won't stop showing Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory at Big Brother-like rates.
- Tim Lambert

The despise I feel for this institution is utterly insurmountable.
- menagers

Nine: where comedy is just a percentage of local production that needs to be filmed in between buying every variation of CSI the yanks can queef in our direction.
- Moribunderast

These days comedy is too classy a format for Nine. Even a crap sketch show like Skithouse would outclass most of what Nine is currently serving up to viewers. Their local product consists almost entirely of list shows, infotainment, sports coverage of varying levels of quality, and local drama that at best is forgettable and at worse actively hostile to the idea of entertainment.

Their only attempt to even try to make something that could charitably be called "comedy" in 2008 was Monster House, which was so obviously an insult to human consciousness it was pulled within weeks and currently serves as a late night off-ratings gap filler. In 2009, the only "comedy" offering they're making is Wipeout Australia, a sub-It's a Knockout game show heavy on the padded bats and hosted by Josh Lawson and James Brayshaw. So they've got a lock on this category next year as well.

Foxtel wouldn't be so bad - at least with shows like The Mansion, The Merrick & Rosso Show and Comedy Slapdown they're trying - except that we're expected to pay for the privilege of being insulted by their slapdash productions. You'd get better value buying up DVD sets of Acropolis Now.

Seven used to be the powerhouse of Australian comedy. For close to two decades they had a sketch show of some kind running, plus the occasional spin-off and a bad sitcom or two thrown in (Newlyweds, anyone?). Now they simply can't be arsed. They're the new Nine, the classy middle-aged, middle class network that thinks laughing is bad because you're probably going to be laughing at someone and that's kind of mean. Plus, when you're riding high in the ratings you don't need to gamble with comedy, a notoriously fickle genre compared to the relatively safe hands of pandering drama. But they did show two series of Out of the Question: why they're on this list while Ten gets away despite bringing back Good News Week is clearly a quirk of the voting process.

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