Comedy is simple. We know it when we see it. Unfortunately, network publicists persist in trying to tell us that when nothing much of interest seems to be happening on a particular show, then we're watching a comedy. If a show isn't informative, or enjoyable, or entertaining, chances are it's an Australian comedy - and it's probably a good fit for the following category...

   Worst Overall Comedy
Joint Winners:
Good News Week - 37.5%
Kenny's World - 37.5%

The Mansion - 26.09%

Last Year's Winner
The Chaser's War on Everything

Voter comments for Good News Week

Ted Robinson, you've done it again.
- 13 schoolyards

Such a terrible waste of a once great television show.
- Tim Lambert

Voter comments for Kenny's World

It was shit. DID YOU SEE THE PUN I MADE THERE? No? Good, 'cos there wasn't one.
- samadriel

The point of this show completely escapes me. Who watched the film and thought "Hrm, good character that Kenny but two hours with him just isn't enough!" Channel Ten, obviously. That or their programming department is twelve and LOVES poo.
- Moribunderast

Is Ted Robinson the disease, or just the symptom? He's been producing the exact same show for over a decade now - first it was called Good News Week, then The Glasshouse, then The Sideshow, now he's back to Good News Week and nothing has changed. Now, usually when someone says "nothing has changed" in this context, they mean he's making roughly the same free-wheeling panel show. But not here: here not even the wording of the fat jokes have changed. Mikey Robbins is no longer fat? Whatever - just keeping making fat jokes. It's not hard to image Australia being conquered by super-intelligent flying foxes and Good News Week would simply start making jokes about how fat our new flying overlords were.

So why did Good News Week come back? Well it's cheap, and it provides great opportunities for cross-promotion, but so would any number of decent show ideas that contained actual humour. Why does Ted Robinson keep getting paid to make brand new episodes of the same show when surely half an hour overdubbing could replace "Howard" with "Rudd" and "Clinton" with "Obama" and the old episodes could go back into rotation? At least then Mikey wouldn't look like a propped-up corpse, Paul McDermott wouldn't have that look of terror constantly in his eyes, and The Girl would... well, not much would change there.

Kenny's World fell apart in the execution. The concept could have worked: the idea of, say, getting Magda Szbanski to in-character host 'Sharon's World of Silly Sport' isn't the automatic FAIL that bringing back Good News Week clearly is. But Kenny is a comedy character that only works - if he works at all - in context. Like Chris Lilley's Ja'ime, the laughs only come when he's in a situation that he can work against. And wandering across the globe looking at toilets is not that situation. Clive James at his best would have struggled: Shane Jacobson isn't a flaking patch of dead skin trapped in a wrinkle behind Clive James' ear, and the result was a show all too easy to dismiss with a variety of flush-related gags. So feel free to make up your own.

The Mansion could have been great entertainment. Sadly, it was hosted by the provably bland Charlie Pickering - AKA the Wil Anderson you get when you're on a budget - and the increasingly annoying Michael "Chambo" Chamberlain. As a double act they make sense, though not actual comedy: Pickering looks almost funny next to Chambo, and Chambo seems a lot less annoying next to the bathtub of bland that is Pickering. But sketches that were pretty much the duo explaining things, or ranting away in a style that stopped being funny the second or third time Mick Molloy ripped off Jim Belushi on The Late Show, or saying something pointless then shouting "Truth Bomb!!" kinda cancelled those benefits right out.

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