Welcome to the 2007 Australian Tumbleweeds - Australia's most opinionated awards ceremony.

This year's ceremony was written by 13 schoolyards, Bean Is A Carrot, jonbob, Moribunderast, oceanthroats and shunkymonky.

Emergency Lalla Ward Ten proof read the thing at 1am and didn't get most of the references.

Percy Dovetonsils sent us some lovely screen grabs which we didn't end up using. Again.

Our man with his hands on the webspace is Zaphod. Thanks Zaphod, we'll pay you eventually.

We would like to thank those from MySpace and Cook'd and Bomb'd who nominated and voted, especially those who sent us comments.

If you enjoyed this ceremony why not join our mailing list? Oh yeah, because we don't have one. Still, we might get one soon so send us an e-mail with MAILING LIST in the subject line and we'll let you know about the 2008 ceremony.

But enough of this guff. Here's Kevin Rudd...

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